Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dom Perignon brunch in the sky in Hong Kong


A large display of lobster is what I noticed first when I entered the bright room of the Ozone Bar at the Ritz Carlton hotel, on top of the ICC tower in Kowloon, Hong Kong. They claim it is the highest bar in the world, and I can believe it.

Every Sunday they offer the "Dom Perignon Brunch": noon to 3pm, all you can eat from an immense mouth watering buffet plus all you can drink Dom Perignon.

We were there five minutes before noon, to make best use of the time without overdoing it.

Three hours in heaven, and not only because we were almost half a kilometer high above the ground. 

This time (mid-2017) they were serving the 2006 vintage. A creamy smooth champagne. It was, as expected, complex, persistent and perfectly balanced. 

Awesome pair with cold seafood, of course, but also with more structured foods like Spanish pata negra ham and roast beef.

Score 96.

Lobster is what I saw first, but I actually started my brunch with sashimi.

Yes, jamon pata negra goes well with champagne

Final touch: gold-leafed chocolate dessert

The cost of these three hours was about 1500 HKG dollars service charge included, which was roughly the RRP of a bottle of Dom Perignon in Europe at the  time. Not bad. I think I drank close to a bottle, so the food was free. And the view!