Sunday, January 23, 2022

Meet the producer: Grappa Villa de Varda

Distillery at Villa de Varda

Tasting of grappa samples offered by Villa de Vardo, a renown historical producer of this iconic Italian spirit.

Grappa di moscato
Pomace 100% moscato. Smooth, complex floral notes, a touch of sweet in the end. An easy grappa for those who begin to appreciate this kind of product.
Score 80.

Pomace . Similar to moscato in general taste, floral and sweet.
Score 82.

Notes of vanilla which leve behind a lingering sensation of enveloping warmth. Score 86.

Apricot and toasted notes for an elegant grappa, a rich and full one. Score 88.

Smooth and fruity, with a sweet finish. Score 85.

Another smooth and fruity grappa with a sweet finish, thicker, more complex than the previous one. Score 88.

Smooth, sweet sensations dominate. Score 88.

This grappa is also very smooth with intense aromas. Score 90