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On this page we will list useful sites to do your research: find a wine you are looking for, read reviews from other wine lovers and discover hidden gems you did not know you needed to add to your cellar.
Cellar management tool.
Consumer reviews and label recognition. 20+ million users contribute ratings for millions of wines from around the globe, and collectively, this database makes up the largest wine library in the world.
A great website to find wines available at wine shops all over the world.
News, travel, teaching, ... 
Learn about wine. Simple answers to a modern wine lifestyle.

 The American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE) is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to encouraging and communicating economic research and analyses and exchanging ideas in wine economics. The Association’s principal activities include publishing a refereed journal — The Journal of Wine Economics — and staging scholarly conferences that are forums for current wine related economic research.

Facts and figures about Italian wine.

Sommsnotes by Stefania Gobbi

About wines in Belgium:

OenoBelgium, The world of wine in Belgium. (FR, NL), Website of lovers of Belgian wine. (FR)

Wines in Belgium, tourism and events. (EN, FR, NL)
Online shop with hundreds of beers from Belgium.

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