Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sake master class by Natsuki Kikuya

Sake master class. Let's go. "journey in the sake glass" by Natsuki Kikuya, director of sake museum in London. Great event learned a lot.

In Japan sake is a declining industry, not considered cool by young people. In Europe opposite, even non Japanese restaurants now propose it.

Interesting that sake producers don't grow own rice. Can buy from anywhere in Japan.
No "terroir" but different climates change taste of sake from prefecture to another.

Tasting notes:

1. Azure Ginjo. Yamanadishi, 15%. Green apple. Add distilled alcohol for sharp finish.  Good with raw fish. Score 86.

2. Takashimizu junmai daiginjo. From Akita prefecture. Smooth, structure. Good with salmon. Score 90.

3. Urakasumi Junmai. From miyagi prefecture. Fruit almond slightly bitter . Smoother, bananas milkshake. Score 88.

4. Shirakabegura kimoto jumai. From Hyogo prefecture. Beef country. Bananas figs. Richer nose.fuller palate. Score 94.

5. Shichida junmai ginjo. Saga prefecture on Kyushu. Sweet food lots of soy sauces. Fresh and smooth, balanced. Long. Score 96.

6. Daruma masamune. 5yo. 17%. Exception, sake usually doesn't age. From Gifu prefecture, only landlocked prefecture in Japan. River fish. Preserved foods. Sweet. Amber color! Smooth structure. A bit oxidized, reminds of Sherry. For after meal or fatty food. Score 95. 

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