Friday, March 24, 2023

Taste Uruguay: a unique walkaround in London

At the iconic 67 Pall Mall we had the opportunity to participate in a unique trade tasting dedicated to Uruguayan wines that was organized by Southamericanwineguide.

Uruguay wine is mostly associated with Tannat, a variety which has been planted there for centuries with great results. However the oenologic landscape has evolved and there is now a large range of options to choose from. Over 6500 hectares are planted with cabs, merlot, syrah, viognier, and albarino, among others.

Selected Tastings

Below are my favorites from the walkaround tasting that was available sadly for too short a time, 90 minutes, to fully appreciate what the participating producers had to offer.

Castel Pujol Folklore Naranja (Rivera) 2022
A smooth orange wine which tasted on the light side despite 13.4%. Score 84

Albarino "Sobre Lias" (on the lees) Maldonado 2022 
The lees confer fragrance and elegance. 12.5%. Score 86

Singular Pinot Noir Clon 777 2020 (Maldonado)
A balanced, complex and long wine. 14.5% Score 90

Austros 2015 (canelones)
Smooth yet structured wine. 15%. Score 90

Barbera 2020 (canelones)
A light barbera. 13% Score85

Estival 2022 (canelones)
Balanced and complex. 14% Score 90

Alcyone NV (canelones)
Tannat 100% sweet wine. 16% Score 92

As they put it, this is a "back to the future" project. Anfor is inspired by the ancient Georgian traditions, dating back as much as 8000 years by some estimates. The best Muscat Ottonel bunches are left for 7 days to develop carbonic maceration, after which they are foot stomped and moved to amphora where they are sealed for 4 months and left in the open during winter. 8.5% Score 89

Santiago Degasperi of Proyekto Nakkal

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