Monday, January 29, 2024

Italian Portfolio Tasting in London by Winetraders

A mix and match of Italian wines by Wintraders UK, with some gems to be noted at the end of the afternoon. Here they are.

Amarone della Valpolicella 2016.
A balanced wine with good minerality for an Amarone.
RRP £57. Score 92.

Recioto della Valpolicella, 2019
Balanced and long.
RRP £32. Score 92.

Soave Classico 2021
Zesty, fresh. RRP £37. Score 90

Barbaresco 2020
Balanced and complex, long, potential for evolution.
RRP £ 34. Score 93.

Barbaresco Cà Grossa 2019
Great structure, will reach its apex in a few years.
RRP £45. Score 94

Barolo Riserva del Fondatore, 2016
Superb structure, balance and length. Give it a few more years.
RRP £61. Score 93

Walter Massa

Colli tortonesi Barbera Bigolla 2010
Round, balanced and long, a mature wine, perhaps the best today. RRP £ 52. Score 95

Toscana IGT Anfiteatro 2016
Complex, long still a bit abrupt, and will benefit from time in the bottle.
RRP £67. Score 90

Vike Vike

Cannonau Ghirlanda Fittiloghe 2020
20yo vines, still fresh, structured, long. A little patience required.
RRP £ 28. Score 89

Cannonau di Sardegna Ghirada Gurguruò 2020
30yo vines, an imposing wine, balanced and long.
RRP £43 Score 94

Barbagia rosso Ghirlanda Istevene 2020
100yo vines (!) a harmonious wine that lacks nothing.
RRP £ 57. Score 95

Cannonau Brulleri Ghirada Bruncu Boeli Ris 2020
Round complex and long
RRP £31. Score 95

Sardinian wines carried the day!

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