Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Furmint tasting by Wines of Hungary

Unfined and unfiltered furmint bubbles

This was a broad ranging tasting with much more than could be tasted in one day presented at a well organized walk-around at Painters’ Hall in London courtesy of Wines of Hungary.

This time I decided to focus on still 100% dry furmint wines, leaving aside the sweet ones which I had had occasions to taste in the past.

Below are my notes from the most interesting glasses of furmint I had a chance to taste today.

Garamvari Estate
2019 Balaton sparkling: zesty, fresh, ready now but with some potential for evolution. Score 86
2016 Tokaji sparkling: fragrant, evolved and mature. Score 89

TR Wines Tokaji 
Organic pet-nat 2022. Slightly bitter and opaque because it is unfined and unfiltered. Floral notes. An intriguing wine much different from all the others. Score 90.

Locse furmint 2017. A complex wine with a slight bitter ending, well balanced and mod long. Score 90

Nyergesek 2019. A mid-range balanced wine with mod length. Score 88
Szent Tamas Summit 2018. Their best and most complex wine. Score 90

Dry Szamorodni. Bone dry, almonds Slight bitter ending. Score 86

Harslevelu 2013. Balanced and complex, slight bitter ending. Score 89

Birsalmas 2019. Complex and long. Score 92

Furmint 2018. Balanced fragrant. Score 89

Dry selection 2011. Well aged wine, slight bitterness, balanced. Score 93
The 2018 is still young, I scored it 88 but it isnot ready yet.

sorry I forgot to shave today!

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