Friday, March 22, 2024

Meet the producer: Francisco Gomez, Alicante, Spain

A most intriguing selection that offered by Francisco Gomez for our review. Rare monastrell achievements and unique sauvignon blanc for southern Europe. Here are my tastig notes.

Vina de Mateo Red 2022
Slightly tingly, medium body. Paired with Roman porchetta, structured wine and structured food. Score 86.

Vina de Mateo white, 2022
Sauvignon Blanc
Lots of white fruits in this complex, round sauvignon, with a smooth ending. I paired with with slightly spicy Chinese oily tofu and it was an excellent experiment with the roundness of the wine contrasting the moderately spicy flavor of the tofu. Score 90

Sauvignon blanc organic

A very significant sauvignon. It retains the typical freshness of a sauvignon but it also sports a round complexity that raises it up a notch and makes it a good pair for more structured food. For example it went very well with sauteed mackerel.
Score 92

Queen of Kings brut, NV
Next on my list of Francisco Gomez wines was this bottle of bubbles, a first for me: 100% monastrell grapes, so a blanc de noir. A huge surprise, this is a perfectly balanced wine, smooth, fragrant and complex of floral and honey notes. It is ready now but 1 or 2 years longer in the bottle might add another twist of roundness.

I paired it with escargot starter and then with tiger prawns sauteed with spring onions. Both matches turned out to be excellent, the acidity and sapidity of the wine contrasted the sweet tendency and unctuousness of the food (butter in the snails!). Score 93

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