Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Wines from Sardinia, with Peter McCombie, MW

Wines from Sardinia are well known to sommeliers, but a dedicated masterclass in London is always a good surprise. Eloquently led by Peter mcCombie MW, who told us how most grapes Spanish origin: cannonau carignano vermentino. Which is not surprising in light of Spain's long rule of the island and its relative geographical proximity. Sardinia only joined Savoy in 1762, a century before Italy as a unitary state even existed. 

Vermentino di Gallura is the only docg, yet the most amazing surprises from today came from the red bottles.

Here below my tasting notes. Scores were given blind, we were only shown the labels at the end of the masterclass.

1. White Melio campidano
20yo vines
Steel on lees
Intense nose Fresh savory skin, contact produces structure. 
Score 90

2.White Ver

mentino di Sardegna 
5mos Steel on lees
3k out of 4k total hectares planted in Italy 
 Intense nose fresh complex 
Score 90

3.White Vermentino Gallura docg
Fresh complex long, texture bites, 14.5abv
35yo vines 
Score 88

4. Red 2021
Bovale grande di Spagna, carignano, rosso igt
Tends to be a little rough, old vines better 
Tannins need a little bit of time 
Score 86

5. Red
Carignano del sulcis 
Intense nose, balance, mod complex and long
Score 92

6. Red
Garnacha cannonau di Sardegna 
Full open complex and long, perfect balance 
White pepper, 
Score 95

7. Red
Mandrolisal doc
Intense perfect balance, complex and very long 
Score 96

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