Monday, October 16, 2017

Revue des Vins de France Champagne tasting in Paris

Trade tasting at the Paris Intercontinental for sommeliers interested in Champagne. How to resist a quick Eurotunnel trip under the Channel? Here is a highlight of my tasting notes.

Belle de blanc guy mea 2010,
100pc chard top of the range
huge fragrance and complexity
great potential
score 90, 38eur

cuvée prestige William Deutz 2006
80 pc pn, 20 pc chard GC
intense long and complex this 2006
still incredibile freshness
great potential
score 92, eur 100 depending on the offers

Deutz top of the range chard 100
incredibile intensity and complexity this 2007 Amour de Deutz
a great champagne to drink now or keep a few more years
score 95, eur 125

Philipponnat blanc de noir. 2009
incredibile balance for a Pn, round and smooth while enough freshness promises a few years in cellar still
score 91, 48 euro

1522 GC 2007
named after the year the Philipponnat family came to Champagne from Switzerland
66pc pn GC 33 pc chard, 4 gram sugar
Freshness still present but quite round well balanced
score 92,eur 65

Clos des Goisses by Philipponnat
65 pn 35 chard
Always incredibile CdG, round balance very complex and persistent. A harmonious wine.
score 96, eur 130

Intemporelle 2010 by Mailly GC
60 pc chard 40 pc PN
hazelnut, butter! what a surprise this champagne .
fragrant complex round long
score 92 eur 60

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