Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Meet the producer: Brancaia, Tuscany, Italy

Andrea D'Alessio

Interesting master class organized by Enotria&Coe at the London Wine Fair 2022 on the Brancaia vineyards. Keynote speaker was Andrea D'Alessio. Born in Alba, in the heart of the Langhe, in Piedmont, he grew up surrounded by Barolo and Nebbiolo wine. Since 2017 he is global sales director at Brancaia.

Brancaia is the result of a unique marriage between a Swiss family, Bruno and Brigitte Widmers, and Tuscany, which they visited over forty years ago for the first time and then made their home.

Today the daughter of the two founders, Barbara Andrea Widmer, who initially trained as an architect, continues the family tradition as winemaker.

They aim at max quality. No irrigation, even when allowed, to force the roots deep into the ground. They also run a restaurant and a B&B.

Brancaia Rosé 2021
100% merlot
Andrea Widmer was not happy with their red wine merlot, so she decided to make a rosé. The result is a citrussy, fresh wine, with light pale orange color obtained by avoiding almost all skin contact. They aim at max 30 minutes from picking in the vineyard to pressing in the cellar. Style imitates the rosé de Provence. Three months on lees.
Score 87

Brancaia Tre 2020
sangiovese 80%, merlot 10%, cab sauvignon 10%
Entry level product, their main wine, 80% of all production.
They use grapes that are not used for their premium line wines.
Very fresh, sight bitter end.
Score 80

Brancaia Chianti classico 2020
sangiovese 100%
Sourced from south-facing own vineyards at 230 and 400 meters above sea level. Steel and concrete, their entry level chianti
Recommend serving slightly chilled!
Long, clean finish, good balance.
Score 89

Brancaia Chianti classico riserva 2018
sangiovese 80%, merlot 20%
A structured and smooth wine, perfect balance.
A great chianti.
Score 92

Brancaia Ilatraia 2018
cab sauvignon 40%, petit verdot 40%, cab franc 20%
Vineyards at 75 to 175 meters of altitude, 25 day sof skin contact.
Full body, smooth, perfect balance and very long.
Grapes are vinified separately, all in French barriques, 50% new and 50% old, then blended.
Score 93

Brancaia Ilatraia 2008
Cab sauvignon 60%, sangiovese 30% petit verdot 10%
Plump fruity wine despite its age, good balance and length.
Mature now (2022) do not wait any longer, it was probably at its best a few years back.
Score 91

Brancaia lineup


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