Monday, February 20, 2023

Furmint walkaround tasting in London

Vintner's Hall Seal

Fifth London edition of this event, with some 100 wines presented for tasting to a trade crowd that filled the room at Vintner's Hall on a cold February morning. As Caroline Gilby, an expert of Central European wines put it, furmint is now not only recognized for its traditional sweet wines, but for fresh dry ones as well.

Below are some notes from the wines I found most interesting.

Szamorodni 2015 dry furmint, 15%
The best wine from this producer, nutty with a pleasant bitter ending. Score 91

Vision 2019, furmint and hárslavelü, kabar, 13.5%
Their entry level dry wine, fresh with a good balance. Score 90

Expression, hárslavelü, 14%
French oak makes for a rounder final result. Score 90

Intuition, Furmint, 13.5%
Zesty, intense aromas. Score 90

Mezes Maly Dry Szamorodni furmint, 2016, 12.5%
Fully dry fermented after botrytis but loses alcohol during maceration. Score 90

Blue Label Aszu 5 puttonyos 2017, furmint and hárslavelü, 11%
Sweet. Score 90

Nyulaszo Aszu 6 puttonyos furmint 2017, 10-5%
Their best sweet. Score 92

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