Monday, November 6, 2023

Wines of Moldova - Trade tasting of Purcari Chateau

Unique tasting of wines from southeastern Europe today in London. While Romanian and Bulgarian wines were included, I will focus on Moldovan wines here ad this was the first time I have had a chance to taste them.

Thank you to Wine Communication for organizing this event and to Caroline Gilby, a top expert of Eastern European wines, for guiding us through the tasting.

Specifically the samples provided were from the Chateau Purcari estate, an iconic winery that dates back to 1812. Originally it was created by French settlers who came in the wake of Napoleon's invasion, and following the many ups and downs of Moldovan history it ended up being nationalized when the country found itself as part of the Soviet Union and it socialist system. After the end of that era in 1989 Moldova once again became independent and in the early 2000s the estate was privatized. It is now a public company quoted on the Bucharest stock exchange with additional vineyards in Romania and Bulgaria.

Victor Bostan is its proud boss now, and Federico Giotto, a famous Italian winemaker, helps him improve the quality of the wines. In total Purcari plants 300ha of vines and has set up a state of the art winery with sustainable criteria such as solar panel to provide electricity.

Tasting notes

Cuvee Purcari Alba Brut
Feteasca alba 100%. Traditional method for a delicate and fresh bubbly. Score 86

Nocturne Viorica 2022
Viorica grape, combines aromatic nose to fresh palate. It is a resistant grape that requires little intervention in the vineyard. Score 88

Academia viorica, orange wine
Some pleasant bitter end as expected from an orange wine, good structure. Score 88
Pinot noir native 2021, Smooth mod structure , Score 85

Rara Neagra 2022 
Smooth, traditionally treated as a workhorse grape but good potential, still lacks complexity. Score 83

Academia rara neagra 2020
6 months in amphora, Smooth medium structure. Ready score 88

Separavi de Purcari 
Separavi grape. Fruity, fresh, alcohol, Score 84

Malori de Prut 
65% rara neagra 35% feteasca Neagra, Score 86 

Freedom blend
The name wants to celebrate the independence of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine from the USSR. 
65% Separavi 20% rara neagra, 15% bastardo. A mid-range wine with moderate complexity and structure. Score 85

Negru de Purcari limited edition 2019 
55% cab sauvignon 40% Separavi 5% rara neagra. Score 90 The best Moldovan wine today.

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